Santa Lucia Pizza - Case Study

About Santa Lucia Pizza

It all started in 1971 when the Simeonidis’ Family opened a little take out pizzeria in Thompson Manitoba while working at the Inco Nickel mines.

The Simeonidis dedication to great tasting food and great value made the little pizzeria a success. Within a year, it was the busiest pizzeria in Thompson.

In 1974 they moved the family to Winnipeg and opened a location at Waterloo and Corydon. Many more Winnipeg locations quickly followed. In 1990 they went international by opening in Fargo N.D., U.S.A.

One reason for their success is that they’ve always ensured that all menu items added over the years have been of the same high quality as their already famous pizza. They achieved this by sticking to their family’s tradition of making fresh dough, bread, sauces, salad dressings, and the traditional Greek foods, all from scratch. This did not go unnoticed and they were quickly becoming famous for more than just their pizzas.

Winnipeggers have acknowledged this dedication to tradition by awarding Santa Lucia Pizza with the following awards: ‘Best Pizza in Winnipeg’ by Uptown Magazine, the Consumers’ Choice Award for ‘Best Family Restaurant’, ‘Best Garlic Bread’ by the Winnipeg Free Press, ‘Best Greek Salad’ by the Winnipeg Tribune, and a ‘Best Food Booth’ from the Taste of Manitoba.

Various Santa Lucia Pizza locations are independently owned and operated so you may see slight differences in their menu selections. No matter which location you choose, deciding between the pizza, pasta, salads, signature chicken, ribs and the unforgettable Greek food will be a challenge. But whichever one you choose you will not be disappointed.

We warmly invite you to enjoy a meal and experience for yourself the heritage of the Simeonidis Family.

Santa Lucia Pizza (Head Office)
4 St. Mary’s Rd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Office: (204) 237-4134

How I Have Helped Santa Lucia Pizza

I’ve been working with Santa Lucia since 2014. Since then, we have worked on numerous projects, from a complete site redesign to helping with their social media marketing and PPC campaigns. 

The Website Rebuild

Since 2014 the website has undergone a few upgrades, from the layout to the core, and I continue to help them improve the site as time progresses. 

The site’s core uses WordPress as the platform, and the fantastic Elementor Plugin allows the website to have a nice clean layout that accommodates all devices and poses the capability to expand and grow on the technical side. For example, when a complaint enters the system, customers must choose a location to send their message. The message form dynamically captures details about the customer and auto-fills information about that customer, store location, where the message is intended to go, and to which email inbox the message will ultimately arrive. This set of procedures is all automated and helps Santa Lucia better address its customer’s needs. This benefits the customer by giving them a better user experience; Santa Lucia can better manage the situation. 

Before Redesign

After Redesign


A while ago Santa Lucia St. Mary location hosted a Winnipeg Jet’s game night at the restaurant. I helped set up an email marketing system and the messages delivered to their subscriber base. In addition, I helped design some of the earlier banners promoted on their website and social media accounts. 

PPC Campaign

I have helped a few locations in Manitoba and Saskatchewan run Google Ads and Facebook Ads. The campaigns were straightforward. They helped encourage online customers to visit the places to receive a discount on a menu item or to help promote the latest food item on the menu. 

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