Content Generation


Aerotech Herman Nelson – HPL 600D7 Heater

Overview I created this whiteboard video to promote the HPL 600D7 in a fun way.

Afana Pouliot – Clinician Program

Overview I created this whiteboard video to help push the message regarding Afana Pouliot Clinician

Capital For Market

Overview Capital For Market hired me to rebuild their website and work on online advertisements.

Flameless Heater Commercial

This video features Andrew, a former sales rep for Aerotech Herman Nelson Intl. In this video, we have Andrew promoting the Flameless heater line Aerotech carries for the mining industry.

Escuela Chile Online

La Escuela Chile Online video here was meant to be part of a much larger project. The Chilean Association of Manitoba wanted to open an online education school where students would learn vocabulary, words and other skills through fun cartoon videos such as the video below and interactive activities.

Utilizing Inbound Marketing Video

Utilize Both Inbound and Outbound Marketing is a whiteboard video I created to help explain the difference between doing inbound marketing and outbound marketing. The video shows how inbound marketing is a practice where we make content that people want to digest because they are actively looking for the content.

R&M Plumbing and Heating Social Posts

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Lashes Unlimited YYC

Lashes Unlimited was a brand new company based in Alberta when I started working with them. Their goal was to get their name out there and start attracting clients to their business. Unfortunately, they did not want a website at the time and had a minimal budget. So the best possible and price orientated approach was to produce social media posts and boost them through Facebook

Aerotech Herman Nelson Social Posts

Aerotech Herman Nelson Intl. Inc. was looking to attract more visitors to its website through social media marketing. Before me, they weren’t posting on social media and losing out on traffic.

I created a few bundles of 25 social media posts that contained historical information, trivia, interesting facts and humour.

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