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We are Business Loan Brokers and Funders with a difference:

  • We have experience running real businesses.
  • Have a combined funding experience of over 500 years with all our partners. 
  • We enjoy thinking out of the box and solving your problems. 
  • There are no upfront fees. 
  • We can take equity ourselves  
  • As business owners we understand what you need and tailor a solution that realistically meets your need.

From $10,000 to $100million we keep you funded.

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  • Unsecured Loans
  • Trade Finance
  • Secured Loans/Asset
  • Based Lending
  • Commodity Buying

Capital For Market

201 – 1300 Cornwall Road Oakville ON L6J 7W5 Canada
Office: 1-800-835-9618


201 – 1300 Cornwall Road Oakville
ON L6J 7W5 Canada

The Problem

Captial For Market was looking for an agency to redesign their Website. Unfortunately, their Website had a few technical and design flaws that I could be more than capable of correcting with a complete website overhaul. Some of the minor issues requiring immediate attention were registering an SSL certificate and removing unnecessary third-party web sources.

The primary issue to solve was to give the site direction—Capital For Market offers five specific financial services that cater to 5 different markets. Unfortunately, the original site didn’t compensate for the various markets. No content talked to each specific Market directly. Instead, the original site was very generalized.

In addition, Captial For Market required promotion once the site was complete. They had started a social page on Facebook and ran a few Google Ads. Still, they were not building constant content to help promote their business and service offering through the social networks and because of the lack of direction for the site, the Google Ads were not performing.

The Solution

When I won the project, the first thing I did was perform extensive online market research:

  1. I searched for Capital For Market online competition, any business that offers similar or exact services as Capital For Market offers.
  2. I used Google Search in Incognito mode to do a manual search, followed by Facebook Ad Library to find any current businesses promoting themselves through Facebook.
  3. Using Ubbersuggest and Keyword Planner, I performed Keyword research to find keywords and additional content resources that I may have missed. 

I created a structure for the Website with all the data in hand. Then, I built a sitemap that contained the different pages we would require to target Market each Market that Capital For Market services. Finally, the actual build of the site was done using Elementor Pro for WordPress. 

I built a custom qualification system consisting of a pre-checker to let the applicant move to the next application phase if they meet specific criteria. If they did not meet the requirements, a message would be shown to them, letting them know they do not qualify for a loan.

The Result

Once the Website was launched and the advertising promotion was created and broadcasted, the number of leads increased drastically.

The Website had a direction, so it was easier to create ads catered to specific markets. Through Facebook, we started to post images that contained information about finances. Each post had a hyperlink that direct users to the offer located on the Website. Through Google Ads, we ran a search campaign using specific keywords to help hyper-target the potential customers Capital For Market was looking hoping to attract to their offers.

Completed Project Samples

Below I will leave you with samples of work I have completed for Capital For Market

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