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Aerotech Herman Nelson Intl. Inc manufactures and supplies commercial and military-grade portable indirect-fired heaters such as The Herman Nelson BT-400 NEX Series, All-in-One HPL 600D7, Flameless Heaters and Recirculating indirect heaters. Additionally, we supply a wide variety of heater parts and accessories to help keep your Herman Nelson product running at an optimal level.

 100 Eagle Drive, WPG, MB, CANADA, R2R 1V5

 1 (800) 486-4328 // 1 (204) 633-1999

 1 (204) 694-1612

 Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm CDT


I created this whiteboard video to promote the HPL 600D7 in a fun way. During the video, I focused on three of the major components of the heater and ended the video with a call to action followed by the contact details.

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How was the video used​

Once the video was ready, I uploaded it to Youtube and then promoted it through Facebook and Google Ads.

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