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Aerotech Herman Nelson Intl. Inc manufactures and supplies commercial and military-grade portable indirect-fired heaters such as The Herman Nelson BT-400 NEX Series, All-in-One HPL 600D7, Flameless Heaters and Recirculating indirect heaters. Additionally, we supply a wide variety of heater parts and accessories to help keep your Herman Nelson product running at an optimal level.

 100 Eagle Drive, WPG, MB, CANADA, R2R 1V5

 1 (800) 486-4328 // 1 (204) 633-1999

 1 (204) 694-1612

 Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm CDT

The Problem

The first project Aerotech Herman Nelson Intl. Inc. required was the completion of their website. They had started working on a new site with an in-house developer and an outside web development company. Still, the in-house developer left, and the outside development company was left with little direction on completing the site.

Additionally, Aerotech wanted its website to be seen on search engines and have a social presence on social media networks.

Alongside the website, SEO, and social media marketing, Aerotech also required custom graphic design for brochures, flyers, tradeshow material, decals and pretty much everything in between.

The Solution

I had to break down each problem Aerotech was facing and create a workflow schedule for each project. We started with the website as it was the most critical project to complete. I reviewed all the information leftover from my predecessor, scheduled a meeting with the third-party web development company and then got to work on completing the website. Working together with the third-party web development company, we were able to complete the website.

Next, I started looking into the Google AdWords account Aerotech was running and decided to rework them. They were wasting too much money on untargeted campaigns and mismatched keywords. So I performed an in-depth keyword analysis using the Google Keyword Tool and heavy searches online to determine how other competitors position their ads online and structure their content. After some time, I created more targeted advertisements that have driven in leads and have helped sell their heater inventory.

Once the website was running and the Google Adwords account was running, I turned my attention to designing custom graphics for brochures, tradeshows, and heater operation manuals. All this content I helped create has been used in various methods by the sales team at Aerotech.


Over time, we replaced the website that the third-party developer had helped create because of issues that crept up, such as navigation issues, site speed, and mobile functionality and conflicting ideas from my predecessor. So I made a new site from the ground up and have been running the latest version since.

Completed Project Samples

Below I will leave you with samples of work I have completed for Aerotech Herman Nelson Intl. Inc.

Whiteboard Videos

Video Production Samples​

Custom Graphic Design

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